Accessorize Baked Duo Eyeshadow in ‘Venus’

A couple of weeks ago I bought this Accessorize Baked Duo Eyeshadow from Superdrug.  At the time it was on offer for £2.22, but this particular range of eyeshadows cost £4.45 each at full price.

I always enjoy browsing the Accessorize stand when I’m in Superdrug as the product packaging is always so attractive, and the Baked Duo is no exception.  The gold butterfly detail on the lid is very pretty, and the packaging is very well designed as it always closes firmly and stays shut.

The eyeshadow itself is also quite beautiful to look at, and looks a lot like a planet which is in its name – ‘Venus’.  For one, it is domed, which I’ve always found aesthetically pleasing in an eyeshadow, and the two different coloured sides are very ethereal.  One side of the shadow is a rich, luxurious purple (Left), and the other is a dusky pink swirled with silver (Right).

As you can see above, my initial swatches came out quite faint which worried me slightly.  I thought Accessorize had gone for image over quality and let the product suffer for the sake of the packaging, but I tried to reserve judgement until I’d tried it out properly, so here is the look I created with ‘Venus’…

To create this look I applied the pink shade across my entire eyelid, and the purple shade along the natural crease of my eye, down to the outside corner, using a shading brush.  Then, again using the shading brush, I blended a mix of both shades from the outside corner of my eye to the centre of my eyelid.  Finally, with a fine angled brush I applied a thin line of purple across my top lash line, and halfway across my lower lashline, and the pink shade to the inner corner of my eye and the other half of my lower lash line.

Despite my concerns, the eyeshadow is actually quite highly pigmented, and is very easy to apply.  It smoothes on evenly and takes very little effort to build up a layer of bold colour, and the formula is extremely light so it doesn’t feel caked on or heavy on the eyelids.

Eight hours after application the eyeshadow is still going strong, and I didn’t even use an eyeshadow primer to keep it in place.  It hasn’t smudged or gathered in the creases of my eye, and the colour still looks bright.  The only issue I have with it is that it has gone quite shiny and wet looking, but that’s because I have oily eyelids which can’t be helped.

Overall, I am impressed with this Duo.  The packaging is gorgeous, the colours are stunning and, probably most importantly, the eyeshadow is good quality and long-lasting.  This was a definite steal at £2.22, but it’d also make a nice little treat at £4.45.

Have you tried any of Accessorize’s cosmetics?

Naomi x


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  1. Ahh it looks so cute! I love Accessorize! So many adorable items. :)

  2. No I haven´t. Nice to add color to your eyes. Looks lovely :) KJ x

  3. this looks lovely! Esp for fall, it’s perfect x

  4. A perfect duo!

  5. I love this colours! really cute for autumn :)

  6. Cute colours, you should try using them on a damp drush, it’s my favourite trick to make eyeshadows more pigmented.

  7. Love the colours~ xoxo

  8. Very pretty! Great post =)

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