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Pixie Chains Fantasy Pink Locket

A couple of months ago I was very kindly gifted a beautiful locket by Pixie Chains – an independent jewellery brand specialising in cheap, retro, vintage style jewellery with a unique edge.  The brains behind Pixie Chains is eighteen year old Matilda Littler from Derbyshire, an A Level student with a keen interest in fashion and photography, who makes a lot of the jewellery she sells herself.

The locket I was sent is the Fantasy Pink Locket, a gorgeous oversized gold tone locket which costs just £3.99 – a small price tag for a lot of necklace that is worth every penny.



The locket itself is excellent quality.  It has a good weight to it without being too heavy, so it’s comfortable to wear, and it fastens securely so you can keep your secrets safe.  The details are also really pretty and feminine, with a silhouetted rabbit on a pink background, chunky gem-style front, raised patterning all over and to top it all off, a large, girly bow.  There is also a quote on the front of the locket which is slightly obscured, but the bit I can see properly reads ‘I was green and I like kangaroos’.  The whole design reminds me of Alice in Wonderland, an old favourite of mine.

I’m a big fan of statement pieces of jewellery, and this is definitely that.  It hangs on a long chain and sits below my chest, and is so versatile it looks great with anything – whether a t-shirt and jeans or a dress and heels.  Here is how I wore it today, with a pinky purple jumper and black skinnies, it made a basic outfit look bold and brilliant.



All of Matilda’s pieces really are lovely and her business is growing fast, so if you want to keep up with her progress and be the first to see her latest pieces, you can follow her on Twitter and via her blog, and order items from her Etsy store.  Here are a few of my favourite bargain pieces from her store…

Beatrix Potter Earrings

Beatrix Potter Collection Miniature Book Earrings – £3.99 per pair

Oreo Necklace

Oreo Biscuit Cookie Necklace – £3.99

Comic Bracelet

Vintage Comics Avengers Charm Bracelet – £5.99

Which Pixie Chains piece if your favourite?

Naomi x

*This Fantasy Pink Locket was sent to me by Pixie Chains for review purposes.  All opinions expressed are honest and my own.*

My Budget Beauty Swap Parcel


Early last month I launched my Budget Beauty Blogger Swap.  The budget for the swap was £10/€12/$16, and the aim was to buy your swap partner as many beauty products as you could within the budget – quite a challenge, but not impossible!  So far, I have already seen quite a few posts from bloggers sharing their swap parcels, and everything sent and received has been brilliant.

Today it was my turn to receive my parcel all the way from Beverly Hills in LA.  My swap partner was the lovely India, a US beauty blogger who runs beautynthbrains.  I answered the door to the postman this morning to see him holding a box with the US postal logo on it, and I knew what it was straight away.  As I’m sure you can imagine, I was really excited to see what was inside the parcel so I opened it in a hurry, and was met by this pretty pink, spiralled package, packed full of amazing products.



When I saw this little haul I was over the moon!  Everything India sent is exactly my colour, and I was really happy to receive products from so many brands that we don’t have in the UK.  I will be reviewing each of the products separately in the coming weeks once I’ve had a chance to use them properly, but here are my first thoughts on everything…

Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Collection in Shimmer The Night Away


I was incredibly happy to receive a Wet n Wild eyeshadow palette, as I have heard a lot of good things about them and they are highly sought after in the UK.  The palette I received is Shimmer The Night Away, which features eight shimmery shades – four suitable for a smoky eye look, and four pinks and purples which are my go-to colours – perfect.

Everyday Minerals Stay Cool Matte Eyes Eyeshadow



Everyday Minerals isn’t a brand that I’m  familiar with, and I don’t own many mineral eyeshadows, so I’m really looking forward to experimenting with this.  The colour is a deep grey with a lovely violet undertone, which will incorporate well into my usual colour palette.

Sephora Nano Eye Pencil in Midnight Black


India and I told each other a few items that we had been lusting after, and Sephora Nano Eyeliner was one of mine.  I adore bold, black eyeliner looks so this is ideal for me.  I’ve swatched the liner on my hand and, as the Sephora website says, it is highly pigmented and glides on easily as it’s enriched with shea butter.

Sephora Ultra Vinyl Lip Pencil in Fuchsia Pink



Sephora’s Ultra Vinyl Lip Pencil in Fuchsia Pink was another of my requests, and it hasn’t disappointed.  I wore this today and it applies smoothly and lasts a very long time.  The bright pink shade is absolutely stunning, and the micro-glitter finish gives incredibly shine.  I think it’s reminiscent of Barry M’s Lip Lacquer Crayon in Party Pink.  Gorgeous!

Sephora Pencil Sharpener


I’ve been meaning to buy a new pencil sharpener for ages now as my old one is on its way out, so this was a great little accessory to find in my swap parcel.  India must have read my mind!

Model Co Lip Gloss



Model Co is another brand that I’ve never used before.  The gloss doesn’t have a name or colour labelled on it, but it’s a bright shimmery pinky red with a sheer finish.  I didn’t find the gloss overly sticky when I tried it on earlier, and it has an intense strawberry scent and flavour which I love.  The mirror on the tube is so handy too.  I’ll definitely be using this gloss on a regular basis.

Beauty So Clean Cosmetic Sanitizer Wipes


India also sent me four cosmetic sanitizer wipes which are for cleaning cosmetics before or after use.  Another nice little addition which will be carried in my make up bag for cleansing on the go.

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with what I received in my swap parcel.  I imagine India went over the budget with her buys, so thank you India for being so generous and sending me so many fantastic treats.  I feel well and truly spoilt today!  Unfortunately, I forgot to photograph everything I sent, but hopefully India will share everything in a post of her own when her parcel arrives.  I posted almost two weeks ago so fingers crossed it will reach the US soon!

I plan on linking to everyone’s swap parcel posts in a blog post very soon, so if you’ve received your parcel and have blogged about it please let me know!

Naomi x

Estée Lauder Pure Color Lipstick and Double Wear Lip Pencil

Last week my sister very kindly gave me two Estée Lauder make up products that she did not want – a Pure Color Shimmer Lipstick in Shade 16 ‘Candy’, and  a Double Wear Stay-in-Place Lip Pencil in ’01 Pink’.  I think both were gifted to her from a gift set by her boyfriend’s mum, and they both came to me swatched once.  I’d never tried Estée Lauder before so I was really pleased to receive these, despite having the preconception that the brand is generally aimed towards the more mature lady. As they always say, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!


Both products are fairly small and compact, meaning they’re the perfect size to carry around with you in your handbag or make up bag.  They’re both suitable for day wear too, at home or at the office, as they’re both a sensible pink shade – nothing too flashy but fairly classy.  Here’s a (slightly wonky) swatch of both…


As you can see, the lip pencil is slightly darker than the lipstick, but they still go really well together as they have a similar red pigmentation, and I find a darker liner always makes for a more defined lip shape anyway.

Double Wear Stay-in-Place Lip Pencil in Pink


When creating a look with these two products, I first applied the Double Wear Lip Pencil to the outline of my lips.  The pencil is extremely creamy, so it doesn’t tug the skin, but it’s also firm and doesn’t make a mess, making even application very easy indeed.  Due to its small size the pencil is easy to control too, and as such I was able to draw a soft line, rather than a solid, bold one, which is what I was aiming for.  The pencil dries quickly once on the skin, and then stays in place for a good while.  After swatching this on my hand it wouldn’t rub or wash off, but it came off straight away with make up remover which is a good sign.

The colour of the pencil is very pleasant – a lovely, blushing pink with amazing pigmentation; perfect for spring and a suitable match for a lot of my pink lipsticks!  I’ll definitely be getting a lot of use out of this.  Next time I may even apply it across my whole lip before applying the lipstick over the top, to give it even more staying power.

Pure Color Shimmer Lipstick in Candy


Candy is a gorgeous candy pink (it’s in the name) which is highly pigmented, and has an intense shimmer.  I’m not usually one for wearing shimmery lipsticks as I think they can sometimes look a bit dated, but I actually quite like this one.  The lipstick itself, like the liner, is beautifully creamy and glides on smoothly, disguising any imperfections on the surface of the lips.  I found this quite unusual for a shimmery lipstick actually, as most I’ve tried have highlighted any dry areas.  Once on the lips, Candy stays put, and thanks to the lip pencil doesn’t bleed or smudge, allowing for a long-lasting neat pout.


In terms of staying power, both of these Estée Lauder lip treats have it!  I applied these in the morning during my normal make up routine, and after six or so hours of eating, drinking, talking and travelling, my lips still looked as bold and beautiful as they did when I first put on my make up.  Impressive!  After the six hours the lipstick did require a touch up though, so it wouldn’t quite last a full working day, but it’s not far off.


Overall, my first impressions of Estée Lauder are good.  Both products are excellent quality, and have everything you’d want from a lipstick and liner – good colour, a nice formula and great staying power.  I’ve done a bit of research and, full size, the Estée Lauder Double Wear Lip Pencils cost £16.00, and the Pure Color Lipsticks cost £19.50 each.  Both are a little more than I’d be willing to pay, so I probably won’t be repurchasing, but they are definitely worth it if your budget can stretch to it.

Naomi x

Ciate Mini Mani Month Round-Up: Part 4

Evening all,

Are you ready for Christmas yet?  I am!  This month has gone really quickly, and I have now opened all 24 doors of my Ciate Mini Mani Month advent calendar.  This week has been my favourite week of all – Ciate really did save the best until last in my eyes!  Here are the final six minis in all their glory… (All pictures are clickable for a closer look.)


Day 19 – Cookies and Cream


I’m sure I’ve said many times before that I’m not really a fan of nude shades, but I have made an exception for this one.  Cookies and Cream is a creamy nude beige colour, and it looks so clean and sophisticated on the nail.  The above photo shows two coats of varnish, and as you can see the coverage isn’t completely opaque, but three coats would do it.  A gorgeous neutral shade, perfect for the office!

Day 20 – Magic Carpet


Magic Carpet is the second exclusive shade to the Mini Mani Month, and it is one of my absolute favourites in the whole calendar.  The varnish is a beautiful dark magenta, and it is made up of large and micro glitter flecks.  It took three coats of Magic Carpet over two coats of Cookies and Cream to achieve the above look, which is rather a lot of varnish, and in all honesty it didn’t take to my nails very well.  The glitter didn’t dry that quickly, and it seemed to melt the colour underneath slightly so it peeled off.  I think I’ll use this as a thinner top coat in the future, or just wait a lot longer for it to dry.

Day 21 – Fade to Greige


I absolutely adore Fade to Greige.  It is a very dark grey with a violet undertone, which I think would compliment any colour.  The formula is lovely and creamy too, so it is a pleasure to apply and dries very quickly.  Another classy, sophisticated shade, perfect for versatile every day wear.

Day 22 – Sundance Caviar Pearls


Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to try these Sundance Caviar Pearls yet, but I imagine they’ll have the same easy application and lasting power of the other pearls in the calendar.  Sundance is made up of yellowy gold and bright blue beads, with a few flecks of gold glitter scattered throughout.  I must say, I am a caviar manicure convert after trying Ciate’s Mini pots, but this shade is probably my least favourite of the four in the calendar.

Day 23 – Mojito and Day 24 – Enchanted Rose


The last two days of the Mini Mani Month featured two Christmassy shades – green and red.  Day 23 gave me Mojito, a creamy lime green which forms the base of my holly nail art!  It applies like a dream and even, opaque coverage takes just two coats.  Mojito is actually a lot less fluorescent than it looks in the photo, which is a positive thing in my opinion as there is definitely such a thing as being too bright!

Today’s shade, the final shade in the box, was the third exclusive shade – Enchanted Rose – a beautiful red glitter varnish.  Enchanted Rose forms the berries of my holly nail art, and it has a very sparkly finish, perfect for Christmas day.  Unlike some glitters, it isn’t overly sheer, so it wouldn’t take much to build up a bold, bright glitter look.  Another winner!

And to finish, here is a picture of two coats of Day 6 shade, Angel Wings, which I didn’t have time to swatch in Part 1


Overall, I have been extremely pleased with the Ciate Mini Mani Month.  The range of colours and finishes in the set is fantastic, and it was definitely worth every penny.  I will be using all of these a lot in the future, I imagine!  I’m looking forward to trying some more nail art designs with them.

That’s it from me for today…  I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas day tomorrow, full of love and laughter!

Naomi x

PS. Here are Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of my Ciate Mini Mani Month Round-Up, as well as my introductory post!

Ciate Mini Mani Month Round-Up: Part 3

Hi everyone,

First off, I would like to wish my sister, Freya, a very Happy Birthday!  Today she turns 21, an important age, but she’ll still always be my baby sister, wanting all my things.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY FREYA!!


Now, down to business…  Today I opened the door of Day 18 on my Ciate Mini Mani Month advent calendar, which means it’s time for another weekly round-up!  This post will feature Day 13 up to Day 18, and I have swatches of all but one of the Paint Pots this time.  I must admit, my feelings were mixed this week.  There were a couple that I really liked, and one or two that I wasn’t keen on at all, but you can’t win them all as they say!

Day 13 – Glass Slipper and Day 14 – Speed Dial


On Day 13 I opened the door to Glass Slipper, a lovely blue glitter polish, and the first of the calendar’s three exclusive shades.  The glitter is very fine and beautiful, and doesn’t feel too rough in texture, but it isn’t really dense enough to wear on its own (unless you’re willing to apply 3+ coats).  It works perfectly as a top coat however, and is surprisingly easy to remove for a glitter.

Speed Dial is an unusual shade – it looks bright orange in the bottle, but I found it applies somewhere between a red and an orange.  It is more orange in real life than it looks in the photo above though.  I just can’t quite decide whether I like it or not!  It definitely doesn’t look that good with Glass Slipper over the top, but with the right outfit I can see it working.  Not one of my favourites, but not bad.  It applied evenly and has a creamy formula at least!

Day 15 – Headliner


Headliner is my absolute favourite this week…  I seem to have a thing for blues at the minute!  It is a dark turquoise blue shade with a stunning creme finish and I love it!  As you’d expect, the formula is great and, quite impressively, it only takes one coat to achieve a completely opaque finish (the photo above show two coats, however).  Headliner got me a lot of compliments when I wore it, and without a doubt I’ll be wearing this one a lot!

Day 16 – Big Yellow Taxi


Ick, I’m not liking Big Yellow Taxi.  I initially thought this looked okay as it appeared quite a creamy banana yellow in the bottle, but when I applied it I was soon disappointed.  It has a really strange gloopy formula, so it went on very streaky, and no number of coats seemed to be able to even the finish out.  The yellow shade is slightly too bright, and in all honestly it looks like tippex coloured in with yellow highlighter pen – not pretty!  On the plus side, it doesn’t leave any stains behind at all.  I don’t think I have the skin tone to pull this off, but it would probably look great against darker skin…  I may use it for Batman nail art though!

Day 17 – Power Dressing


I haven’t tried Power Dressing yet so I can’t comment much on the formula and colour, but in the bottle it looks like a classic deep navy blue, and I imagine it will have a lovely shiny finish.  I’m looking forward to using this!

Day 18 – Candy Shop Caviar Pearls


Candy Shop is the third out of four bottles of Caviar Pearls in the calendar, and so far they are my favourite.  The beads are very small and coloured in three shades – turquoise blue, pink and orange.  As with the other pearls that I have tried, these are very easy to apply (just pour over a wet nail, press down, and leave to set for 15 minutes), and look really striking against a bright varnish.  The purple shade I chose to pair the pearls with is actually Cabaret, one of the shades I didn’t swatch in Part 1, so now you can see what it looks like.

So there you go, a mixed bag of mostly brights this week.  Which is your favourite?  Please vote below!  Check back for Part 4 next Monday, on Christmas Eve, and if you want to see the previous shades in the Ciate Mini Mani Month, they are swatched in my Part 1 and Part 2 posts.

Naomi x

Ciate Mini Mani Month Round-Up: Part 2

Hi everyone,

Six days have already passed since my last Ciate Mini Mani Month post, can you believe it?  The days are flying by and before we know it, it will soon be Christmas day!  But for now, as promised, here is Part 2 of my Mini Mani Round-Up, featuring the surprises hidden behind advent calendar doors 7 to 12.

You may be pleased to know that I managed to swatch every single varnish this time, so you can get a more accurate feel for what each one is really like.  As usual, they all have that deliciously creamy signature Ciate formula, which applies evenly, dries quickly and is extremely chip resistant.  Here they all are in their bottles…


Day 7 – Cutie Pie


Cutie Pie is a pretty, feminine, powdery pale pink shade with a creme finish.  I usually prefer bold, bright varnishes to pastels, but this one really is quite lovely and clean-looking.  The above look was achieved using two coats of varnish and it’s still quite sheer, but I think three would be plenty enough for a more opaque appearance.

Day 8 – Vintage


Vintage is my favourite varnish from this week.  It’s a deep grey colour, but it has a tinge of greeny blue to it which makes it more unusual than most greys.  I got so many compliments about my nails on the day I wore this.  I have a feeling I’ll be getting a lot of wear out of Vintage – it goes with anything!

Day 9 – Mistress


Mistress is a classic, very bright scarlet red, with a slight orange undertone and a high shine finish.  I’m not the biggest fan of orange varnishes so I wasn’t too keen on this when I first saw it, but once I applied it I instantly changed my mind.  I think shades like this can look a bit tacky sometimes, but because Ciate is such good quality, it actually looks really beautiful on.  The only issue I have with this is that it stained my skin when I removed it!  You can see evidence of the staining around my cuticles on the photo below…

Day 10 – Ladylike Luxe & Day 11 – Bumble Bee Caviar Pearls


Ladylike Luxe is a shimmery yellow gold shade, and it’s the best gold varnish I’ve ever tried.  For some reason, gold and silver varnishes tend to show up any imperfections on your nails (no matter how small) and though this one isn’t perfect, it definitely disguises imperfections more than any other metal colour I’ve used.  Overall this is a fab varnish – very Christmassy!

The Bumble Bee Caviar Pearls consist of two different coloured pearls – black and yellowy gold.  I gave myself a ring finger mani with them yesterday, and as you can see it turned out rather well for a first attempt!  The pearls were very easy to use…  You just pour them over your wet nail, press them down and leave them to set for 15-20 minutes.  I absolutely love how they look and feel, but they haven’t lasted very well.  This morning when I woke up I noticed that the colour on the gold pearls had faded/rubbed off slightly, and after 24 hours a lot of the beads have already fallen off.  I’m not sure how long they’re supposed to last, but I thought it’d be longer than a day!

Day 12 – Twilight


Last but not least, today’s varnish is Twilight – a black base with a gold fleck shimmer running through it, which also looks greeny brown depending on the light.  I have a feeling this was intended to go with the Bumble Bee Caviar Pearls, and indeed it is a great match.  A gorgeous, classy shade to round off the week.

Which one of this week’s minis is your favourite?

Don’t forget, you can read Part 1 of my Ciate Mini Mani Month Round-Up here.  Check back next Tuesday for Part 3!

Naomi x

Freebie Alert! Models Own with More Magazine

I know we all love a good freebie, so I thought I would let you know about a great one I found today whilst browsing the supermarket!  Every copy of this week’s More magazine (Issue 774) comes with a FREE Models Own nail varnish or lip gloss, worth £5.00 each.  The magazine only costs so £1.50, so you are getting a VERY good deal!  Even if you buy four copies to get every freebie, you are still only spending £1 more than ONE of these freebies is worth – amazing, right?  Oh and don’t be put off by the low price tag of the magazine…  I know some cheap magazine freebies are ‘limited editions’ which aren’t actually up to scratch with the rest of the brand, but this is the real deal.

There are two nail varnish shades to choose from (Raspberry Crush and Nude Beige), and two lip glosses (a pink and a red).  The freebie I went for was Raspberry Crush, a gorgeous raspberry pink which I actually had my eye on a couple of months ago – I’m glad I didn’t buy it at the time now!  I haven’t yet tried Raspberry Crush on my nails, but it looks like it has a lovely creme finish and I can’t wait to give it a go.

The magazine also comes with a free Miss Selfridge Lucky Gift Card, which gives you a surprise discount in store, between £1 and £500.  There are also several other exclusive discounts in the magazine, such as 20% off at, Rock N Rose, Essensuals Hairdressing and Motel, and 25% off a spray tan at the Tanning Shop.  Oh and a couple of free drinks too.

The magazine itself might be a little bit trashy, but who cares when you’re getting a bargain as brilliant as this?!  The next issue of More goes on sale on the 27th of November, so you have 4 days left to get your Models Own freebie.

Naomi x

Dielle Nail Colour in ‘Bliss’ and ‘Imperial Crown’

As an avid nail painter with a penchant for nail art I am always on the look out for new and exciting nail varnishes to add to my collection.  So, when Rosalie from Dielle UK offered to send me a couple of her beautiful nail colours, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them.  A few weeks ago, after a short wait, I received a beautifully packaged little parcel from Ros in the post, and was instantly wowed by the bold brightness of Dielle’s colours.

Dielle translates as ‘Modern Goddess’, and the brand aims to provide sophisticated nail shades which look as amazing on the nail as they do in the bottle, and which help to enhance every woman’s natural beauty and inspire confident self-expression.  All of Dielle’s nail varnishes are free of toxic ingredients, including the big three, and come in a wide range of impressive colours.  Every bottle contains 12ml of varnish, which is a generous size, and they retail for £12.00 each.  Dielle also support charities that work with women and children in Haiti, so every nail colour you buy will not only benefit you and your nails, but will go towards helping others.

The two shades I  have been lucky enough to try are ‘Bliss’, an eye-catching azure glitter, and ‘Imperial Crown’, a pretty purple with an undertone of pink.  Over the last couple of weeks I have tested and enjoyed both colours, and here’s what I think of them…


Bliss is one of the latest colours to be added to the Dielle collection, and also a limited edition.  As mentioned before, the bulk of Bliss is made up of a fine azure glitter, which to me invites images of a tropical ocean – pure ‘Bliss’!  It has larger flecks of gold and silver glitter running throughout too, which gives it an amazing depth when on the nails.

The varnish itself has a fantastic consistency so it smooths on easily and not too thickly, and the glitter is distributed evenly and not at all sparsely.  As such, Bliss looks fabulous over Imperial Crown after just one coat, but I always add one more coat for an even bolder look.  What really impresses me about Bliss is how quickly it dries…  Without fail, it is completely dry to the touch in less than one minute, so it is almost impossible to smudge.  I know, it seems too good to be true, but every time I use it it dries quick as a flash!

This is how two coats of Dielle’s Bliss looks over Imperial Crown…

Isn’t it stunning?  You can really see from the photo above how the glitter sits evenly and doesn’t clump together into a lumpy mess, and how fantastically it shines.  I love it!

‘But isn’t it a pain to remove?’, I hear you cry.  The answer?  NO!  No it isn’t!  What makes Dielle’s glitter a cut above the other glitters out there is that it comes off as easily as a normal varnish, so there’s no need to spend hours scrubbing at your nails with countless cotton wool balls and gallons of industrial strength nail varnish remover.  Hallelujah!  The glitter flecks don’t rip the cotton wool to shreds either, which means fluff free nails.

Overall, Bliss is a very high quality glitter which gives a burst of shine and colour, without the worry that it will be stubborn to take off – definitely worth the £12.00 price tag!

Imperial Crown

Imperial Crown is a regal plum purple with strong dusky pink undertones, and is part of Dielle’s Brights collection.  I’m a sucker for purple varnishes, as my regular readers will know, and Imperial Crown is one of the more charmingly feminine purples in my collection, and is quickly becoming one of my go-to purples.  The varnish has a high shine, creme finish too, which looks luxuriously classy and just so happens to be one of my favourite nail varnish finishes.

Like Bliss, Imperial Crown is very smooth and also very creamy, so it applies easily and evenly.  Two thin coats is plenty enough for a completely opaque look, and as you can see below, the colour looks identical on the nail to how it looks in the bottle, which is a rare thing I find.  Imperial Crown dries quickly too, which makes me think that’s a positive trait which runs across the whole range!

I didn’t comment on the lasting power of Bliss as glitters are notorious for sticking around, but even without Bliss over the top Imperial Crown lasts for a good few days before showing any signs of wear.

Overall, Imperial Crown is an extremely high quality varnish, which looks absolutely gorgeous both on the nail and in the bottle, and given its lasting power and large bottle it is great value for money too.  Both varnishes have an incredibly luxe feel to them, which is difficult to match with a cheaper high street varnish.

I definitely plan on adding more Dielle nail colours to my collection in the future – I’m officially hooked!  And I hope you’ll try the range too.  If you’d like to check out Dielle’s full range of nail colours, you can do so by visiting their website, or by following Dielle on Twitter and Facebook.  Oh and you bargain hunters out there may be pleased to know that Dielle are currently running two amazing offers… 25% off Classy Christmas Cheer shades, and 40% off Lustre Gel Coat, so now’s your chance to try a high-end product at a low price!

Naomi x

*I was sent these Dielle Nail Colours by Dielle for review purposes.  All thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and my own*

NOTD: Models Own ‘Northern Lights’

Welcome to my first long-awaited, much requested review of one of the beautiful nail varnish shades from the new Models Own Wonderland Collection.  The Wonderland Collection features five sparkly shades, all of which are perfect for the festive season and have particularly wintry names, including Jack Frost, Southern Lights, Snow Flake, Northern Lights and Blizzard.  They can all be used as a top coat for a hint of shimmer, or can be layered up to create a bold glitter look!  The three varnishes I currently own and will be reviewing over the coming weeks are Jack Frost, Southern Lights and Northern Lights, with Northern Lights being featured today.

Northern Lights consists of a very fine dusky pink glitter, and is studded with delicate flakes of holographic glitter which shine purple, blue, orange, yellow and green in most lights.  Even in the bottle, the varnish is breathtaking, and I have never seen anything quite like it before.  Northern Lights is an extremely suitable name for such a shade, as it has so much depth of colour and appears to have a fluidity to it that alters the colour at every glance – it’s just SO pretty!  I really can’t do it justice with words.

Like all Models Own nail varnishes, Northern Lights applies easily and evenly due to the long, wide brush.  The glitter might be fine but it is also very dense, so it only took me two coats of varnish to achieve a completely opaque look, and as with most dense glitter varnishes it dries very quickly.  The varnish doesn’t have a smooth finish and actually feels slightly rough due to the density of the glitter, but I suppose that’s to be expected.  I added one layer of top coat over the top to see whether it would make it feel smoother, but it didn’t make much difference in all honesty.

Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… Swatches!  I found it quite difficult to capture the true beauty of Northern Lights, so since it looks different in different lights anyway, I decided to take several different swatch photos.

Inside with Flash

Inside without Flash

Outside with Flash

Outside without Flash

Close Ups

See, I told you, it’s amazingly stunning!  Right?  You can see the holographic shine in some of the pictures above, but none of them really show it in all its twinkly glory.  You just have to see it to believe it really (which is a great excuse to go shopping in Boots if you ask me!).  Northern Lights is worth absolutely every penny of the £5 I paid for it, although I did get it in a 3 for 2 offer which makes it that little bit sweeter.  It’s perfect for this time of year too…  It makes me feel so Christmassy and I’ve had countless compliments whilst wearing it, even from people I don’t know.

Northern Lights is also very durable and long-lasting.  I applied it on Monday this week, and only yesterday (Friday) did it start to show wear at the tips of my nails.  Today it has chipped slightly, but it stayed looking close to perfect for five whole days, and survived four long, hard days at work – impressive!  Unfortunately, like most glitter varnishes, it is a massive pain in the bum to remove, so you need to have a lot of patience when taking it off.

Northern Lights is available separately or as part of the Wonderland Collection Box Set on the Models Own website, or can be found in most Boots stores for just £5.  If you’re thinking of getting it but can’t decide then my advice is to go for it…  I can guarantee you will NOT be disappointed!

Naomi x

Montagne Jeunesse Exotic Fruits Collection

The lovely folks over at natural skin care company Montagne Jeunesse recently launched their latest face mask collection, Exotic Fruits, and I was lucky enough to be offered the chance to try the range for myself.  There are three Exotic Fruit Face Masks available; Dragon Fruit Sauna, Paw Paw Peel Off and Prickly Pear Peel Off, all of which are animal friendly and suitable for vegetarians like me.

The first thing that struck me about these masks when I received them, other than the eye-catching, colourful packaging, was the size of the sachets.  They are slightly smaller in size to the Montagne Jeunesse sachets that I’m used to, but they still contain a generous amount of product which is more than enough for one application, so you’re not getting ripped off!

As soon as I saw it I really, really wanted to try the Dragon Fruit Sauna mask as it is self heating, and I absolutely love Montagne Jeunesse’s self heating Hot Chocolate mask, but this one contains kiwi which I’m allergic to, so I will be passing this mask on to a lucky someone at some point.  So, the mask I will be featuring in this post is the Prickly Pear Peel Off.

The Prickly Pear Peel Off is described as being a ‘Shockingly Juicy Skin Boost’, and contains nourishing, natural ingredients from unusual fruits which are included to tackle blemishes.  The Prickly Pear extracts are rich in minerals and Vitamin C, which help to soften and smooth the skin, and the second fruity ingredient, Mangosteen, is known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory spot fighting properties.  The mask also contains Melon, which is rich in Vitamin A and cleansing antioxidants.

The product itself is really quite pleasing to the eye, as well as the nose.  It is a bright pinky purple colour which, in all honesty, I would LOVE as a nail varnish shade, and it smells absolutely divine.  The sweet smell of pear comes through really strongly, but not overwhelmingly, and other fruits such as the melon come through too.  It smells and feels so light and fresh – it’s just lovely, and a nice little flashback to summer!

As with all Montagne Jeunesse masks, application is simple.  After washing your face with warm water, you simply smooth it on with clean hands and then relax for 15-20 minutes whilst it dries.  I found that the smaller size of the sachet meant that, for some reason, it was a lot easier to squeeze the mask out of the sachet without making a mess.  It’s really important to create an even layer of mask on your face when applying so it dries evenly, and this was also very easy to do as the thicker areas showed up darker, so I just evened these areas out whilst it was still wet.

When I first applied the mask it made my skin burn slightly, which obviously worried me a little bit, but after 5 minutes or so the burning sensation calmed down and my face was left feeling cooled and invigorated.  I’m not sure what caused the burning sensation but I have been using medicated gel on my face lately, which can make my skin feel quite sore, so it could have been down to that.

After 20 minutes the mask was completely dry but it didn’t go tight at all like some masks do, which is great.  It also peeled off really easily (but unfortunately not in one piece so I wasn’t left with a ghost face to scare anyone with!).  After use my skin felt amazingly soft and I didn’t need to use any moisturiser afterwards as it added moisture to my skin rather than taking it away.  In fact, the next morning my face still felt as soft as it did after using the mask, which is pretty good going.

The whole Exotic Fruits Collection is available on Montagne Jeunesse’s website, as well in Asda and Boots, and each sachet costs just £1.29 – a small price to pay for such a fruity little treat!

Have you tried this range yet?

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